(4) Fuzz Busters : Available

(4) Fuzz Busters

Adorable, right? Born on October 16, 2018, these mixed (Northern breed) pups came from a hoarding case but have been handled and spoiled since birth and are well adjusted and social. Their parent dogs are 60lbs and 75lbs.

Like most Northern breed puppy litters, they dig, tussle, argue and chew on everything in sight. They will need consistent leadership, lots of exercise and good fences as they grow into adulthood and start to test their limits.

We expect them to get a lot of interest so will be especially interested in matching them to stable homes with good fences and other well socialized dogs who can be great mentors. Send us an email and tell us about your situation and if it seems one of the pups might be a good fit, we'll send you an application as a next step. Thank you!